A secret technique

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I was thinking a lot…

well about if I should tell you one of my secrets… as you know in the digital world you can work with “masks” and “layers” so… you can do it in the real life with Colorless Art Masking Fluid. I use it when I work with liquid photographic emulsion as well when I work with Watercolors I use this removable, colorless liquid to mask areas of work that need protection when some liquid is applied. It is specifically designed for soft sized papers to avoid staining. It Contains latex. And you need to Wash brushes immediately after use. The technique is like graffitis with cut out Templates you just protect the white areas with liquid Masking Fluid and not with a cut out cardboard… this is the result… an earth map… I should tell you that its an interpretation of earth after the sea level rises. Only an artistic interpretation no scientific research with real data. And the russian continent does not convince me it looks… well not proportional… six hours of work for nothing.

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2 thoughts on “A secret technique”

    • Well I have to admit that I don´t tell a great secret XD… and the manual work is satisfactory but sometimes with the lack of time or when I repeat some work I’m wondering if it would not be of more common sense work with digital methods… only sometimes ;P

      Me gusta


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