Iron Meteor pigment

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Iron Meteor pigment… yes I always liked to make completely foolish thinks like my own Ink. It began when I started to write as an hobby of course nothing seriously then I realized that I don´t only wanted to write a fantastic story I wanted to… I don’t know… control every aspect of the book… *the paper… *the ink*the size ***every aspect… And because it is a science fiction story I couldn’t use normal ink right?

So I used this:

Its a Iron Meteor… yes, I buy Iron Meteors and turn them into this_ (well actually a friend of mine with the right tools)

Iron meteor Dust

Grober Oktaedritder Gruppe II AB

Into space dust… ok, ok into Iron pigment (quite boring) like the Pigments from iron oxides or organic pigments. It´s very fine dust and you have too make your own mixture because If you only use it with water it won’t work (believe me). I needed to add another six “very secret” ingredients.

Ok I admit it perhaps it would be cheaper and more effective when I buy normal Ink but when you see the eyes of people while I am telling the story how I make my own Ink… the eyes get this spark… this childlike curiosity. Its all about telling stories. “hey did you know the man who writes with star dust”

My brain always says: “You know that everything on earth comes from out there too… right?”

Me: “Yeah… yeah shut up”.

I also use a natural bioadhesive polymer to protect the Ink. Its not the most perfect Ink in fact its quite an challenge to work with but I like it because through this imperfection its perfect for me to work with “although its quite expensive”.

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