While working

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While working on some sheets for my book I use the time to watch what the bloggers I follow are up to… but without being too much distracted because I have to introduce now the text, one error in the calligraphy or the spelling and all the work was for nothing, there is no reset button, the Calligraphy (from Ancient Greek: κάλλος “beauty” and γραφή “writing”) is the art of writing. It is the design and execution of lettering with a broad tip instrument or brush in one stroke (as opposed to built up lettering, in which the letters are drawn). Since I combine a lot of techniques like layers of photographic emulsion, illustrations and calligraphy the chances are high to make a mistake or that some element does not combine well.

While working

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Founder of Lichtbild & Head of his own strange world / Vintage Enthusiast / Photographer / Graphic Designer /Typography "lover" / Book Collector / Spanish+German Mix / Lives in Coruña / Sometimes heads back home & Sleeps. /*


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