Contemporary Photography

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Everyday there are more people buying cameras, more people who like to take pictures, more people who visually pollute the entire photographic world and the or the photographer who has an identity is more darkened and therefore he has to draw more attention. The professional photographer is disclosed through his work since he is the one who makes special pictures. With the help of internet the spaces to show pictures have proliferated even people whose hobby is not the photography but through social networks of image transmission like flickr or other spaces… the world is flood with images. Is it bad or good… well I don´t know and since tendencies are cyclical… We need to see the future, even if that entails inspiration from the past. Create or recreate tendency and go a step ahead to differentiate ourselves from our competitors… or try…

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Founder of Lichtbild & Head of his own strange world / Vintage Enthusiast / Photographer / Graphic Designer /Typography "lover" / Book Collector / Spanish+German Mix / Lives in Coruña / Sometimes heads back home & Sleeps. /*

3 thoughts on “Contemporary Photography”

  1. Good or bad.. it just is.. and this situation has developed and now exists in the world as a result of it’s own technological advances. It is indeed the dawn of many new challenges for everyone. The photographic flood can get overwhelming. I think that is one of the reasons I enjoy wordpress. For an artist ,organization and authenticity can still exist in the spaces we create.

    Me gusta

    • Yes thats true…but its cyclical so… well I see that you use now the same theme…Its great ;P but I have to apologize because I thought that you moved to another blog so I stopped following the Rebell Red blog but now I´m following again…because, well, you changed recently to another domain…right…or not… to EYE SEA RED I hope I´m not wrong XD

      Me gusta


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