Maria Pita

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María Mayor Fernández de Cámara y Pita (1565 – 1643), known as María Pita, was a Spanish heroine of the defense of Coruña in 1589 against the English Armada. On the 4th of May 1589, English forces, already in control of the lower city, breached the defences of the old city. She was assisting her husband, an army captain manning the defences, when he was killed by a crossbow bolt that struck him in the head. An English soldier with a banner, who was making his way to the highest part of the wall, was killed by Pita. She appeared on the heights of the wall herself, shouting: Quen teña honra, que me siga (“Whoever has honour, follow me!”) whereupon the English incursion was driven back by the defenders. The English later gave up the assault and retreated to their ships. 

Maria Pita

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