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*Sometimes you have to wait… but waiting makes you think… well I am always in conflict (only with personal works) if I should work completely digital. With high quality papers and top printing methods like offset, digital offset, inkjet… or whatever, you have an huge amount of possibilities. Digitally its easier to make corrections and reproductions but on the other side the smell, the feeling, the “je ne sais quoi”… is it more artistic? No, I don´t think so… for me “art” is like an “idea” maybe its good or it´s not and the way you capture it and translate it (from the idea to the finished product) does not matter… ok, it might be interesting and it probably adds some more value but… I don’t know… I will wait until this sheet is dry enough to continue.



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Founder of Lichtbild & Head of his own strange world / Vintage Enthusiast / Photographer / Graphic Designer /Typography "lover" / Book Collector / Spanish+German Mix / Lives in Coruña / Sometimes heads back home & Sleeps. /*

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