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A lot of photography articles out there are trying to scare you with a lot of reason why you need to protect your work with watermarks… I try to upload regularly a image to the Internet. I do not have any fear at all… So why don’t I use watermarks? I don´t like Watermarks they always look ugly. Whenever I look at a photo with a watermark, I only see that “thing”. Now, probably this is just me. But I don’t want to spend any time thinking about the watermark. I just want to look at the image. And, I think this is what people want “look at images”. Legitimate companies don´t use to steal images for commercial purposes. So I don’t have any fear there. There are services, like *Google Reverse Image Search* that can help to find my re-posted images. Image search and image recognition gets better and better in a very short time, there will be no need to watermark things.  And yes I had bad experiences but a watermark would not have helped me at all.


I will start adding watermarks from now because I noticed that people were sharing my work by reposting on Facebook, and I was lucky to even get mentioned as the author, let alone get a link to my site. I don’t like the aspect of our internet culture where authorship is not respected or even acknowledged; where people greedily consume masses of visuals without understanding, or even noting, the origin. How would they be able to track me down to be able to learn more about my work, or buy a print, etc? If I leave my trust in people to credit me, and they don’t… so with the growing potential of carelessness on the vast web it´s perhaps not a bad idea to label your work. Registering all  images with a legal copyright (as one must do individually to work so that it does not become deemed as an orphan work). Fact is, not everyone can afford time or money to do this.  But living fearlessly watermark-less has its price. The more leniently you share your work, the more it will be take advantage of. So it is a sensible and simple step to add a subtle (or not than subtle) deterrent watermark…

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18 thoughts on “Watermarks”

  1. Anyway, your watermark is great and this is way to be recognized. Some people use watermark in a way that destroy the picture but others use it very well and it’s a way to tell people who you are and where to find you.

    Good day Alberto!

    Me gusta

    • Only arguing with myself about the contras and pros of watermarks… how visible they should be, size, opacity etc… only a name or the URL or a symbol… or like some stock photography Webs covering the hole image… well anyway I think you make good use of it. Best regards!

      Me gusta

  2. Ach ja, das Thema voller Pros und Kontras. Ich habe mich noch nicht für ein Wasserzeichen überwinden können, da ich schlicht und einfach das Bild dadurch zerstöre – aus meiner Sicht betrachtet – und ich die Bilder aus diesem Grund nur klein hoch lade. Allerdings bin ich auch nicht bei Facebook, wo die rechtliche Seite wieder anderes betrachtet wird. Datenklau gibt es allerdings bekanntlich überall, doch Angst habe ich davor nicht. Dein Wasserzeichen gefällt mir übrigens ausgesprochen gut und lenkt absolut nicht vom Bild ab, sondern gibt ihm noch ein schönes Design. Für die Zukunft werde ich mir sicher auch ein Symbol überlegen, warte aber noch darauf, bis ich das richtige gefunden habe und es “klick” gemacht hat.

    Dein Schwarzweißbild gefällt mir übrigens sehr gut! Tolle Atmosphäre, die du hier eingefangen hast.

    Me gusta

    • Naja bei Facebook bin ich ja auch nicht, nachdem ich die Bedingungen, die Verwendung von Cookies und die Datennutzungsrichtlinien gelesen habe (versucht) musste aber nach drei stunden aufgeben XD und nachdem ich erfahren habe wie der Datenschutz in Irland aussieht, wo die Europazentrale des sozialen Netzwerks ist… obwohl ich mir jedenfalls bewusst bin oder vielmehr sein muss was es für ein mächtiges Werkzeug in sachen Eigenwerbung sein kann und auch um eigene arbeiten zu verbreiten, oder um Trends, events und…und… zu folgen/oder zu schaffen (es war/ist sehr schwer dem Gesang der Sirenen zu widerstehen). Ich habe schon einige Aufträge verloren nur aus dem Grund da ich nicht im grossen Sozialen Netz mitspinne XD ist mir aber egal den Dickschädel hab ich vom altem Herrn geerbt… Vielen Dank für dein feed-back und sag es keinem weiter… beim Schwarzweissbild hab ich eigentlich versucht den Vogel zu fokussieren…;P

      Me gusta

      • I find myself wondering if should do the same but like you i hate to see those thingies on a picture meant to be seen for its content and not authorship!

        Me gusta

      • You should try…I don´t like them either but the necessity wins I can not rely anymore on the goodwill of the people…so…it´s sad but necessary…

        Me gusta

      • its terrible such theft and such bad intention, it takes a lot more than just clicking a picture, its precious as its never free for us to make these images when you think about the cost of technology and the cost of travel to shoot these not to mention the time spent editing etc… thanks for the tips really something I’ve been thinking about with all the clicks happening on my site…. :-(

        Me gusta

  3. well, theft aside a great logo as we all know makes your content more recognizable, so i think having your signature is also a way of promoting your imagery… your logo is distinct and hopefully memorable over time… cheers!

    Me gusta

  4. All of us who post pictures have been confronted with this problem and have been tossing it around and around, I guess. And I agree with you totally…

    I opted for a small signature in a corner with a copyright sign, hoping it wil deter people but am aware that anyone with even a bit of knowledge of software would cut or clone it away in no time… Ownership has become a rather empty word… There is just no other way but trusting that most people are (hopefully…) honest… :-)

    Me gusta

  5. Your watermark design is just beautiful, Alberto.
    I understand not wanting to mark an image and take away from the experience of the image itself, though. Such a dilema!

    Me gusta


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