New Silhouette

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*Black&White, *Film, *Photography

Continuing Series of silhouette


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14 thoughts on “New Silhouette”

    • If you click on the link below you will find more ;P and if I tell it…it will lose it´s magic XD well its not very difficult you have only to know about multiple exposures if you expose the same image multiple times, negative exposure compensation must first be set to avoid overexposure. For example, to expose the frame twice with correct exposure, a −1 EV compensation have to be done, and −2 EV for exposing four times. This may not be necessary when photographing a lit subject in two (or more) different positions against a perfectly dark background, as the background area will be essentially unexposed. So the silhouette practically allows you in the lab to introduce a new “exposure” the “ink” for example… Sure that the Digital technology enables images to be superimposed over each other by using a software photo editor, such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. These enables you to alter the images and to overlay an image with another. (but it´s not so funny like in the darkroom) ;P

      Me gusta

  1. thank you for your reply, Alberto :) the image still has not lost its magic, on the contrary, after reading about the process, I think it’s even more special :)
    I traced the other link too yesterday, but will have to go back to it when I have more time these days to read it carefully… analogue photography is not my realm, but it’s interesting to read about it through your perspective :)
    and I need to read more about multiple exposure too… sure sounds like fun even outside the darkroom :)
    thanks for the inspiration and have a wonderful week ahead of you…

    Me gusta


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