What Is Analogue Photography?

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I am not the only photographer who feels it is only through film that I can create the pictures of my own. In fact, there is a cohort of photographers who love film for many of the very qualities that caused so many of us to abandon it for digital: its slowness, its mystery, and even its persnicketiness.

As soon as the resolution of digital became close to that of film, most of us gladly gave up film for the instant satisfaction of digital. But it is, in part, that very slowed-down quality that I love.

I started shooting with film and when learned the craft when I switched to digital then I realized I was never going to get the look and feel I wanted. After spending hours behind the computer trying to get that “film” look I knew I had to make the transition back to it or I would never be happy with what I was producing. When most people see an image that was shot on film they know it looks different and they love it but they don’t know why and most of the time it’s because it was shot on film. The last few years have been fun building my brand on film and digital and I’ll probably keep shooting both media.

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