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When I can I normally use both film and digital cameras. Which depend on what I want to tell. I decide what camera to use depending on what I have and what my subject is going to be. First off, this is not a film vs. digital debate, both are successful resources more than proven. Some people like shooting film and others prefer digital. You need to be aware that each has its own unique pros and contras. I’m not trying to defend either medium of photography I use both I also use sometimes a shoebox to shot… or a scanner… ok well as you might know the more obvious fact to digital is that you can shoot as much as you want and get better through repetition (well if you are aware… forget it).

Currently I have a Canon 5D and 5D Mark III so I can shoot as much as I like and it is cheaper to do this with a digital cam instead of shooting film. But normally I don´t shot without purpose or a plan. Another good thing (it depends) is that you can see right away the results. I remember making photos of furniture for a catalog and having five people or more looking over my shoulder (and having ten different opinions) a good thing is that you can hand over the photos to the client almost instantly. And of course shooting digital is far more cheaper than film. I have a Canon Eos 300 X an old Revueflex, an old Pentacon six (doesn’t work anymore) and some Polaroid cam… And I am not really aware what is more ecological…

What else… ah yes the “film” look is easy to achieve with a digital camera and quite popular. Why? you may ask… well its because the believe is that it adds more handcrafted and authentic value to a pic… with presets from companies like VSCO or Google Nik Collection it is possible to make or try that digital photos look like film. I shot it both on film and digital and I made the experience that most people believe beforehand that its photoshop. When I gave a class of photo manipulation in the lab the work was given more merit than the digitally work and they are almost the same concept of workflow.

I really love to go to my own expositions incognito days after the inauguration and to hear the opinion of people and sometimes I am proud of the fact that people are not able to tell the difference… but… sometimes I get angry because with a dismissive gesture and the phrase “This is easy in photoshop” they devalue the whole work…

Ok, let’s talk a little about Analog photography… oh I have already done it here…

Well forget everything what I said before, I shot analog because I started to learn with an 35 film camera I only keep the habit thats all. While I think it is perfectly possible to get a similar look with digital I really have no favorite medium it doesn’t really matter much what you use. As long as you’re comfortable.

Here a some shots captured in both media and I am sure that you won´t be able to see the difference between film and digital.



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