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Good exposed images shot in good light is what makes a good image, not the processing. Well actually I do edit my images. I was interested in VSCO film since it was released in 2011. Honestly I didn’t pay them much attention but recently I found myself using their presets in most of my editing, I rarely even open photoshop these days.

Normally I used to create my own presets for Lightroom and Photoshop but VSCO actually has helped me speed up my processing immensely or I became more lazy. I generally don’t have to work my images at all after I’ve applied one of the presets.

VSCO Film are presets for Lightroom and Photoshop. The packs have a number of presets made to mimic different film stocks. I use three packs, which presets I use generally depends on the shooting and the feelings I want to transmit, but I rarely use more than one colour and one black and white preset per wedding or shoot.

As for me, I downloaded Pack 1 who has the most classic looks, pack 2 with a few more dramatic looks and pack 3 which look like instant film (polaroid). I applied a few filters to a few images to test it out and I like what I see for now. Many of us spend so much time trying to process our images to look like film, and for those I highly suggest that you take a look at VSCO Film. The bad news is that they do not offer a trial…

The Pros:

– faster processing: as I mentioned above, my post time on an average wedding dropped from 5-6 hours to 2-3. Ten points for more time living not in front of the computer.

– consistent look: to all our work. since we’re using the same presets for all of our images, there is a visual continuity to our body of work.

– thinking like a film shooter: just like with film, with VSCO FILM you quickly learn your favorite films and learn which ones apply best in certain situations.

– Standard or personalized: while you can use the standard presets and still delivering an amazing image for your clients, there are a lot of options in the supplied toolkit to fine tune and customize your results.

The Contras:

– Huge array of different looks: applying them very quickly and consistently without judgment can spoil the results.

– Photo editing: is no substitute for photography technique.

– They are expensive: no trial versions and no refunds.

In terms of preset packages – my feelings are that most are not worthwhile – either for Aperture or Lightroom. VSCO is probably the only one out there that I think is at all worthwhile… well for the moment.

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9 thoughts on “VSCO FILM – Why…”

  1. I keep reading about the VSCO film presets… thought they have presets only for Lightroom? I’ll now check out what they offer for Photoshop…

    it’s funny, we get the latest digital cameras and then we want to give the shots a film look, right? :)

    you haven’t published in a long time… hope everything is ok in the new year, Alberto :)

    Me gusta

    • Hey there!!! They offer presets for lightroom and Camera Raw (Photoshop) and the reasons why film is so popular right now I think on the one hand are those of us who grew up during the analog photography golden years so using film emulation will give us a special nostalgic feeling when we see them. And for those who grew with digital its a matter of popularity… Me personally? I love the look of film… whether real film or high quality digital film emulation.

      Me gusta


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