Creating a Brand

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Design a brand identity

Well as I created my own brand I ignored my own advice “Keep it simple” Ideally, the name should be short and memorable. So if I’m launching a gaming company, BongoBaby would probably be preferable to Jim’s International Game Enterprises, Inc. Make the name hard to misspell and hard to mispronounce. I know those are double negatives, but the point is that you want people to be able to find you in a search engine, and to easily refer you to their friends.


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Founder of Lichtbild & Head of his own strange world / Vintage Enthusiast / Photographer / Graphic Designer /Typography "lover" / Book Collector / Spanish+German Mix / Lives in Coruña / Sometimes heads back home & Sleeps. /*

7 thoughts on “Creating a Brand”

  1. I agree that we often need a goal or we just go round and round going nowhere. I’ve noticed that stepping away from photography sometimes helps me come back to it with fresh eyes — or taking a class and learning a new technique — these often give me the inspiration I need. Glad you are finding your motivation again!

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  2. one can produce photos as good as yours only when driven by inspiration :) photography is not a mechanical, but a creative process… you may stop taking photos for a while, but then you will come back to it more passionately than ever.. you know what they say: the quieter you become, the more you can hear :)

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