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Some tips on how to work with Models

Only sharing some of my experience working with models since the studio I worked for closed several months ago and all my intentions to get some of my works back only for Portfolio purposes have been unsuccessful… so I need to do some “Working for time” it is a cooperation for mutual benefit: The model puts in her (his) time, resources and effort and the photographer does the same. No money changes hands. Both, the model and the photographer cover their own expenses and benefit from each other’s skills and talents.

The model’s fee consists of photographic images. Typically, the photographs are supplied as digital files, either on CD (time for CD or TFCD), for download from the photographer’s website (TFDL, time for download) or, rarely nowadays, as prints (PFT or prints for time, sometimes also called TFP time for prints).

Working for time also means that the photographer does what is termed personal work.

Ok you have made contact with a model (Curiously there are more female models who admit TFCD than male models) normally I would meet with the person first. This will give you a good idea of her personality, her confidence level, her physical appearance and put you on a friendly footing.

There are also stylists, makeup artists, fashion designers who admit TFCD… but that is another story…

Working for time is meant to be a low budget thing. Normally the model will be required to do her own hair and make-up, and supply her own clothes.

Treat it as work, with professionalism. Of course, you are allowed to have fun at work. Remember that you are a partner in the project.

Engage your model in conversation while you are shooting you will create an atmosphere of camaraderie. You will find when you are working well as a team that the shoot will flow. The model will respond to the click of the camera or the flash as an indication that she is finding the right look and position and will be encouraged to find new poses.New and inexperienced models will need direction on the shoot. Point out to them that they do not need to look at the camera and many of the most attractive photos will be when she is looking away.

Working with models creating unique and personal images is fun, challenging and ultimately very rewarding.

She is a Model from a nearby town I think we met on some sessions, events and a wedding.



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