High Contrast Litho Film

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A friend of mine managed to get his fingers on a roll of Slow Speed (ISO 6) chromatic Film. Maximum contrast for masks or special effects in Camera or Enlarger. Usable with Red light. Can be processed in standard B & W paper developer or A & B developer for higher contrast. Used by many photographers for use in creating highlight masks for fine art printing and for creating enlarged negatives, in a two-step process, for contact printing and alternative processes. While many suppliers and manufacturers have discontinued these products there are still supplies out there. I used a refillable 35mm film chassis to use  a piece of it with my 300X Canon. I try always to shot some film together with digital but its getting difficult to get a darkroom with an good enlarger but developing black and white film can be a lot of fun as well as a highly creative means to an end… I found this sheets doing some spring-cleaning but let me explain: normally the 35mm film is cut into 5-frame strips before i put it to the Library. I store each strip and sheet of film in its own archival quality paper envelope… and since I repeat some shots in both media I tend to forget about them once archived… And when I have not the opportunity in positivating the film the more likely I forget them and use the digital files…

“I have lived the death throes of analog media, the mobile revolution, globalization and the rise of internet and social networks. I can dispose of them because I still use my walkman Cassette Player with mix music tapes. I have learned to look back without nostalgia and forth without fear. Always with a ironic smile on. “

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6 thoughts on “High Contrast Litho Film”

  1. I’ve used lith films many times in the past and it’s possible to get effects that are not available with other films. Very nice work here. I have a full darkroom available if you find yourself in Webster, NY.

    Me gusta

    • Hey thanks I will accept this offer … well someday… I hope… when I have a steady job again… would be cool :D I am thinking in sending my old Pentacon six tl to some CLA in germany and get that old lady back to work… we will see. Greetings

      Me gusta

  2. Hey Alberto,
    cool Film with expressive pictures…dont know if the Kodak Technical Pan Film is still available , but if..try this one, the best b/w film ever, to use with tetenal neofin doku at 25ASA …and then you can print A1 posters from your 35mm negative !

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    • da hast du aber einen wunden Punkt erwischt ;P der beste schwarzweiss film aller Zeiten, ursprünglich für Aerofotografie nicht? Naja in Ebay 20 bis 10 Jahre alte “vintage ultra rare expired bla bla…” 35mm film 1 rolle 16-20 euro… ich weiss ja nicht… XD hab gerade die Pentagon Six Tl nach Deutschland zwecks Reparatur geschickt (stures altes Mädel) wollte das ding eigentlich nur noch als Briefbeschwerer (ja ich schreibe noch Briefe XD) aber eine Kamera rumliegen lassen das ist so unnatürlich… Sollte ich aber ein paar rollen Kodak Technical Pan Film zwischen die Finger kriegen schicke ich dir gerne eine oder zwei :D

      Me gusta


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