Makeup Artists (MUA)

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Although there might be some debates about the necessity of makeup artists (MUA) at a photo shoot I can only say that as a former professional photo assistant and having done a billion weddings and fashion shoots and as the responsable for the retouching and printing I can only say that a former professional makeup artist will enhance your work. Sure being able of doing amazing things with Photoshop like the frequency separation technique to retouch the skin helps but having a professional MUA on your side is something completely different.

Lots of women feel more comfortable and the hair & makeup process eases them into the session. They feel pampered and fussed over and that, in turn, will make them more confident for their session and happier with the results. Plus, your business will seem more obliging and thoughtful and clients always appreciate the extras.

And I always enjoy to work in a team. Here some old fashioned making of for an old friend of mine during an assignment so I am currently choosing the ones that I will give away…

Some more technical info:

The film I used was an ISO 100 film but actually I used it as a 400 speed film, this technique is called pushing film. Conversely, a 400 speed film may be used as a 100 speed film in what is called pulling film. By changing the ISO film speed to the EI speed (Many films may include an exposure index (EI) rating in addition to the ISO film speed. For instance, an ISO 100 film can be rated 200 or 400 depending on the film brand). The photographer is speeding up, or slowing down, a particular film. When pushing film, the photographer can gain an extra one or two stops to obtain good negatives in low-light or motion conditions. For instance, if a photographer rates an ISO 100 film at EI 200, they gain one stop in exposure.

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12 thoughts on “Makeup Artists (MUA)”

  1. Very good points. With one daughter’s wedding accomplished, and a very good photographer and assistant handling the bride’s day, and another daughter still in school, these are helpful things to hear. That day really was something, and the professionals helped everyone feel at home and made the bride the most important thing in the world, which was as it should be.

    Me gusta


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