Simple portraits

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Don´t tell anybody that I told you that the Most Awesome Light is actually hiding in your home…

Did you know that you already own one of the most effective, variable, and attractive lighting setups in all of photography? In fact, you probably own at least some of them.

They’re known as windows.

Yep, window light is a wonderful thing. It’s free, all over the darn place, and really, really beautiful. You basically get the effect of a superhuge soft box….

The key to great photography with window light is using your eyes. Look at what’s in front of you, decide if you like it, and adjust to taste. It’s seriously that easy! And once you start to experiment, the possiblities are endless!

Some Tips For Awesome Window Light Shooting

  • Use your eyes. Think about the light in front of you. Is that what you want?
  • Shut off all other lights in the room so you only have one light source (otherwise white balancing is going to be a pain! but of course if you prefer black and white…
  • Expose for the bright side of the subject to avoid blowing out your highlights
  • Expose for the subject when using backlighting (and the window is going to blow out. That’s ok)
  • If the sun is coming directly through the window, you’ll end up with harsh light instead of soft. You might actually want that, or you want to use a different window to get some more soft light.
  • When shooting people, try to get catchlights in their eyes to brighten them up. Catchlights are the little white reflections of the light source that show up in eyes. They’re normally good.

Different Types of Lighting you want to try with A Window

  • Different positions along the window (back, middle, front)
  • Adjust the angle that your subject is facing the window at
  • Front lighting and backlighting
  • Adjust the distance your subject is from the window

Window light is awesome because you can practice it at home! Just grab your partner, your kids, your pet, your friend, or your stuffed animal and practice

Have them stand near a window, and try to get as much variety in your lighting as you can simply by adjusting their position.

I bet you’ll be totally amazed at how easy, gorgeous, and fun it is to shoot with only a window!



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11 thoughts on “Simple portraits”

    • Thanks :D Lighting, in any form, is a visual language that should be learnt. It takes skill/Luck XD to be a natural light shooter, to examine a scene and know where the best place to shoot from is and how to make the most of what you see. The use of flash or other forms of lighting is vital to shape the subject, direct attention, create mood, and simulate lighting that otherwise doesn’t exist it can really enhance your work. Both are excellent tools to achieve what ever you want and using only one of them can limit yourself. Never be afraid to learn something new ;P

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