12 thoughts on “Personal Mantra as a Creative”

  1. Good advice from a person I consider an excellent artist.
    I have an answer to your question about the photo that is taken but no one sees it. Yes, it does have meaning if only to the photographer that took it. Sometimes we take these photos for our own reasons and not to share with the world. It’s like a musical performance with no audience. It’s still has meaning even if only to the musician.

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  2. “Never be afraid you aren’t good enough, because there is always someone better. Our lives are defined by millions of failures that put us on the path to our own personal successes”.- so wisely said!

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      • Yes, there are always someone better… and the worst thing you can do, including myself, is that you start compare yourself to others, and self-doubt only crows from that.

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      • Never compare yourself to others you can be inspired by them admire them or hate them but it is like a double-edged sword on the one hand they can encourage you to push yourself harder but on the other side you can sink into self-doubt… doubt in your own abilities and that is something you should never allow… when that happens and I can assure you that I know that feeling gnawing inside… go running ;P

        Me gusta

  3. Ja, man muß immer wieder etwas neues wagen, auch auf die Gefahr hin erst einmal zu scheitern. Irgendwann klappt es vielleicht doch, außerdem hat man einen Grund um mit der Kamera vor die Tür zu gehen. Ein gutes Bild ist die Mühe aller vorherigen, gescheiterten Versuche wert. Man wächst an diesen Dingen und das ist ein gutes Gefühl.
    LG kiki

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