Why I want a FULL-TIME JOB

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There seems to be divided mindset between the freelancers and their freedom, and the other creatives with their security and benefits. My story has less to do with those things and more to do with getting the most I can out of my job, and keeping my passion for the things I love. Let’s take a bit of a step back into my past so I can walk you through to where I currently am and hopefully give some insight to anyone in a similar situation.

When I graduated and get my Certificate of Higher Education (HNC) in photography (a difficult time because we moved from Germany to Spain) I worked all of the time in various photographic studios. I started shooting weddings, portraits, and commercial stuff. It was awesome for that phase of my life.

I also did some minor design work for photographer, craftsmen, record labels, businesses, etc. I had “clients” coming in from “all” industries.

Then I decided to get my Bachelor’s Degree (B)² in Graphic Design… not a smart decision…

Someone will think that the relocation to Spain was easy… I knew back then that the relocating would kill everything that I had built in Germany where I had lived my whole life, but I knew I needed to make this move to both test my abilities and to learn something new.

It really inspired me seeing my family up and move away from everything they had known to get back to the place they loved.

So when I graduated in photography I knew that it would take some time to build a freelance presence in such a difficult place like Coruña due to the saturated market so my best option was to seek out a full time job and put my degrees to use. Luckily I found relatively fast studios that were hiring, got the jobs.

I continued to freelance in both design and photography in my spare time. It was tough at first, I was used to working all of the time, but never in a formal setting like an studio, so after an 10-hour day, weekends included coming home and doing freelance work was the last thing on my mind.

It took a lot of discipline and adjustment, but the biggest change was that I had to start turning things down, which I had never done before. It was actually pretty freeing to only have to take on the projects that really interested me.

Now, it is all about making enough money to live on, but back there I had the steady paycheck, I really only wanted to do work that resonated with me creatively. And the extra money coming in was just icing on the cake.

Settling into this groove was one of the best things I could have done for my career. In my experience, the clients that were the most demanding and difficult to work for, were also the ones that always tended to penny-pinch, lowball me, and take forever with payment. Eliminating those from my life freed me up to work for clients that actually seemed to value my work.

Every time the employment contract was not lengthened It was a low punch which basically means that every three or six months I need to find a new job or go fully freelancing.

I opted to look for a new job and booked the first quarter of the year with search projects. Heading into summer things started to become more apparent that if I wanted to pursue photography full-time freelance, I would need to get my own studio space, and I would need to become more of a salesman, putting together packages and having clients come in to view their images in order to persuade them to purchase more prints, and that is not me. I like processes streamlined, I like to create the process, the evolution… When it was clear that I needed to focus on building print packages, advertising and doing wedding expos, it also became clear that this whole thing just wasn’t for me.

That is just not who I am as a photographer. It hit me like a ton of bricks that if I continued down that path, I was going to end up hating the thing that I loved the most. I begrudgingly started looking for, what I thought to be nonexistent, the “perfect” job.

So unluckily I am still running from one job to another because no one offers a fixed position and prefer to hire freelancers… crisis they say… I wish we could pay you the full salary but…

All in all, I think I started writing this post because I know a lot of people that struggle with what they should be doing in life especially here in Spain. Yes, there are monetary needs that need to be met, but more importantly, you need to be fulfilled. I genuinely loved what I do during the day, and I love coming home to projects that I have hand-selected to take on. Having a full-time job gived me some freedom to do projects that I want to do. No longer do I have to grasp at straws with clients just because I needed to pay the bills. There is always a way that you can make that happen for yourself, even if you aren’t in the creative field. Figure out what makes you happy and make time for it. It is so satisfying when you do.

Now, this may not be the answer for everyone. It might not even always be the answer for me. We are constantly evolving and what was satisfying at one point might not be later on, and that is perfectly fine. Just be willing to adapt, and try new things because you never know when that next revelation is going to present itself. But for me right now, I need to get a full-time job because being a designer and a photographer all night and all day is what I want, and I have never loved photography more.

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13 thoughts on “Why I want a FULL-TIME JOB”

  1. hi alberto,
    food for thought indeed, thanks for sharing.
    it’s a difficult situation, isn’t it? doing work which fulfills one’s monetary needs or work which fulfills one’s inclination and passion; or both, ideally! but in the real world, due to particular circumstances, one may not be in an ideal situation/no longer in an ideal situation, as things have evolved, changed. in my opinion, the big question mark and challenge is to step out of one’s ‘comfort’ zone and find the ideal point (again). your point … you never know when that next revelation is going to present itself … does put things into perspective.
    regards, ken

    Me gusta

    • Hey Ken well its let us say challenging and it is sad to see how the relationship and trust between employer and employee is deteriorating more and more the worst is to watch how a lot of friends are forced to leave the country to make an existence in other countries but it is as you say particular circumstances and challenges… we will see :D Best regards

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. The security of a full time job is certainly a good thing, and the advice I always received, and have passed to my own children, is that when you find something you can enjoy that also pays adequately, consider that opportunity carefully. Even better is when your passion and your job align. You are right that things change over time. After years, work that was exciting and lucrative can become mundane and no longer strike your sense of purpose. When that happens, there is another conflict–you will have become very good at something, and your pay might be greater than anything else you can do at the time, while you’ve incurred commitments and find you need that level of income. But that is not a reason to pass on an opportunity. It’s just important, I think, to find ways to keep it fresh and interesting, while at the same time doing what you can to be in a position to change things, including your income, should a new passion arise and the old passion fade. Best of luck to you in your search for balance and challenge.

    Me gusta

  3. Einen Vollzeitjob zu bekommen, der einen nicht wenige Monate später wieder entzogen werden kann, weil…, ist traurigerweise eine Rarität geworden und wird es mehr und mehr, besonders im kreativen Bereich. Warum?!! Auch Berlin ist ein sehr schwieriges Pflaster und ich wundere mich immer wieder auf’s Neue, dass so viele aufgrund Arbeitssuche herziehen möchten! Mich drängt es dagegen weg… Ich habe allerdings momentan das glückliche Privileg Mutter zu sein und so meine Projekte frei umsetzen zu können. Dank auch der Unterstützung meiner “besseren Hälfte”! ;)
    Eine Festanstellung… ich muss flexibel und frei bleiben, trotz der Unsicherheit und dem enormen Stress, der dadurch entstehen kann. Ich kann es mir nicht anders vorstellen, bin auch damit aufgewachsen, aber sicher, man sollte alle Türen offen halten und auch Neues ausprobieren und eigentlich ist es ja die ideale Basis ein geregeltes Einkommen zu haben und in der freien Zeit an eigenen Ideen zu arbeiten. Bei mir ist es nur leider so, dass sich meine Ideen dann mit der Zeit verflüchtigen und sogar “absterben” würden.
    Ich wünsche dir auf jeden Fall viel Glück und drücke die Daumen, dass die Zukunft viel Gutes für dich bereithält! Zugegeben, ich kann es mir auch nicht anders vorstellen ;)

    Le gusta a 1 persona

  4. I keep my fingers crossed for you!! :) your biggest advantage is that you pursue a work that you love, while most people work without putting their heart what they do…

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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