Cosmic Deer

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What was/is all the hype of Deers it is truly a mystery to me perhaps it is because the recipe which makes up the German Jägermeister is held a secret…

The bottle has a little poem on the side to bring a deeper theme to the Master Hunter and the logo of a stag below a glowing cross.

  • This is the hunter’s badge of honour,
  • that he protect and nourish his game,
  • hunt sportingly, as is proper,
  • and honour the Creator in the creature.

Or, in German:

  • Das ist des Jägers Ehrenschild,
  • daß er beschützt und hegt sein Wild,
  • weidmännisch jagt,
  • wie sich’s gehört,
  • den Schöpfer im Geschöpfe ehrt.

As one might have noticed, the deer has been used in very much illustrations related to hipster culture. It seems there is a connection between deer and hipster culture. If so, it actually is, why?

Further, in a recent paper, Bjørn Schiermer Andersen, assistant professor at the University of Copenhagen, has noted

[…] it remains a fact that hipster aesthetics indeed exploits and unfolds ‘popular’ cultural universes ironically: Ironic bingo, cheap crockery plaques on the wall, the sailor (‘skipper’) figure (sou’wester rain hat, white beard and pipe), the crying child with his big watery eyes, the roaring deer by the forest lake,  all kinds of hunting emblematics, wall antlers, and so on.

So the deer comes in when you’re talking about nature, about being close to the earth and land, the imagery of traditional North American animals like bears and deer and wolves begins to be repurposed as a masthead for a new kind of aesthetic focus.

Deer, in especial, invite special attention, because a) they are not carnivores, so they are less threatening and more in line with the gentleness or twee-ness of this age. b) they fit nicely in theme with the hunting get-up, the ironic redneck lumberjack caps, the plaid shirts, the rifles and antlerheads, and all other assorted arcana one may expect in a white man’s log cabin in the woods.


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