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Each artist, regardless of their specific field, brings their own sound and vision to their chosen art. That which is internal to the intellect of the artist, is unique and independent of external training.

So talent and style linked or not? Theoretically, most well known artists have an inherent recognizability… The question is are well known works so unique that they will always be instantly recognized or is it that we have been so widely exposed to them that most of them has been seen by us before? My experience would suggest the latter.

Of course it is not that easy all well known artists developed unique and distinctive styles over the course of time.

Think of any well known artist, their work is instantly recognizable right? Well, maybe not… that is only true through prior exposure of his/her works. If my art history courses are remembered correctly any work is usually divided into different sections or time periods. The first periods are very different from that of the later periods. If you see representative examples of all periods together, one quickly recognizes distinctive transitions and minor elements that are thematically carried through from one phase to the next. If you did not know, or had never seen a selection of their work from all their periods, you would be hard pressed to identify them succinctly.

We photographers are often faced with a minor dilemma; we often know exactly what we want. That does not mean we will have the right conditions to create it. I am talking non studio images here. The studio is a different thing. Every bit as creative, it is a control of conditions inside or lack of control outside, that makes the difference. You can go the same place, at the same time of day, a thousand time and never completely reproduce the exact conditions of any previous encounter. That is the challenging situation the photographer faces every time they picks up a camera.

I believe that it is in how the photographer overcomes this challenge that defines their own personal style.

Every one of us has a unique vision of the world and some still wish to express it via photography.

My personal philosophy is quite simple. I try to present my subject in the best possible way, given the prevailing conditions. This is however, highly subjective and purpose dependent, resulting in the occasional failure. When that happens the light conditions were poor, or I lost a crisp focus on the subject and/or purpose, or I lacked the skills and necessary equipment to deliver the vision I set forth to create. The reality is I am good at what I do and when compared to others I possess a unique view of the world, but is it instantly recognizable?

Some Bokeh/Flare experiments and one Double exposure.

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16 thoughts on “Different and Unique”

  1. An excellent read – I have been told my style is recognisable by other camera club members- I am sure it is developing though – I constantly evaluate my images and try new things so I hope I improve and develop- certainly by editing property every day my technical knowledge has grown which has affected my approach- great blog 👏👏👏

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      • You are unique! and kind.
        Like I said this has been on my mind lately a lot. I live in very very small town. And there are quite a few photographers at the moment… and the competition has now started to get in to my nerves. I did not really care before what the others do here… But now it has come to that someone copies ideas (from all over…and I understand inspiration…but not excact copy…I have always thought that is a crime..but not everyone seems to think so) and gets the glory. And what can you do about that… nothing really. Today I am just sad because I do not know what to do anymore. Being the nice guy is not always easy.

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      • I appreciate your words and I return the compliment :D today with easy access to such massive Visual Content its easy to go the “google” way and search for inspiration. Its quite heavier when you need to develop an own idea. The only thing you can do is to continue to share your unique vision of the world. Being the nice guy is not always easy but somebody has to do it ;D

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  2. Eine interessante Fragestellung… ich habe mich gestern abend mit dem Fotografen Roger Ballen beschäftigt. Er hat ja eine sehr signifikante Bildsprache entwickelt, die sowohl kompositorisch vielschichtig ist als auch eine ungewöhnliche Sicht auf menschliche Grenzbereiche bietet. Weil ich sein Werk so speziell finde, habe ich mir einige Interviews mit ihm angeschaut. Und bezogen auf das Thema deines Textes… er erwähnt einmal, dass er früher einfach obsessiv viele Bilder gemacht hat und irgendwann in Südafrika über eine Sache gestolpert ist, bei der er gemerkt hat, dass er eine Linie überschritten hat bzw. einen besonderen Punkt gefunden hat und plötzlich seine Bilder eine ganz andere Aussagekraft erhalten haben. Da hat er dann tiefer gegraben …. Ich glaube, dass da was dran ist. Zum einem die Kamera immer dabei haben, sich in ungewöhnliche Situationen und Orte wagen… die etwas mit einem machen und das evoziert dann bei so talentierten Leuten wie Ballen eine ganz eigene Bildsprache mit einem speziellen Sujet gepaart.

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    • Klasse Roger Ballen!!! ja da hast du natürlich recht wenn du einen weg einschlägst und er für dich funktioniert dann Grabe… Viele Fotografen haben ungewöhnliches geleistet und eine eigene unverwechselbare Bildsprache entwickelt sowie Joel-Peter Witkin. (Erkennungswert garantiert) ;D Und Roger ballen hat ja auch eine Entwicklung durchgemacht von den Behausungen zu den Bewohnern. Einfach gestolpert war das nun auch nicht, eine Linie zu überschreiten und sie dan zu verfolgen da gehört schon einiges an Erfahrung dazu :D Vielen Dank, dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast, um zu kommentieren!

      Me gusta

  3. great post, Alberto!! I find your work recognizable for the light/bokeh experiments and bold use of light in general… and your portraits are alwasy very genuine, as we discussed in a previous post :)
    it is sometimes difficult for a photographer to find their creative voice, especially at the start, when we learn and experiment… I think it takes years and a big heart and passion, of course :)

    Me gusta

  4. Very alluring images, love the processing experimentation- sublime results. That first image drew me right in and I was left craving more. Engrossing, thought-provoking read, as well. I quite enjoy your vision. All the best,

    Autumn Jade

    Me gusta

  5. I like the way you approach this topic ~ with your concluding paragraph brings in what I latched onto at the beginning “unique and independent of external training” is where a photographer develops their style. A view of the world they are comfortable with, and can more consistently achieve a feel of a photograph…and from this style, comes the new development and ideas that while very different at times, still can be derived from a unique style born from where the photographer was “born”. Wonderful photos ~ the double exposure shot says much to me about this process. Beautiful work.

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