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You are a writer, designer, artist and photographer. You have the ‘qualifications’ and you are out there… doing what you do and doing it brilliantly. All of those high-profile design dudes have their insecurities too. Believe in yourself… and everyone else will believe in you.

Sure it´s not that easy… I tried to explain myself why I haven´t found that full time job yet… I laughed gingerly at myself, my own hesitation is normally going unnoticed by every one else, but it might as well had been a giant sign on my chest reading out: “Shit I am afraid of everything”. I am worried and I don’t bring them to the attention of people when I push through them and now I see the full weight of how depression can affect me and those around me. There is nothing more disgusting than when your sadness makes others sad too. There is a helplessness to it all that really throws you down. I told myself I am an certified designer and photographer hell one of the best in my year, my final project for photography has been honored I got Recommendations from former employers… so… With the growing lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities it gets harder each time to find that spark that keeps you running…

Ok I’m not a certified artist or writter, just somebody trying to express himself – of course I fail at it sometimes. We do the same thing no matter who we are. We shout, fight and scream to protect our differences. We’re all just scared of a million and two things that we’ve faced or haven’t yet. We’re all just trying to live until we won’t anymore, and until that day, I’m going to keep at it I guess. My life is as perfect as me: it’s not. So when you – whoever you are – go today to wherever, for whatever, for why ever, and face it however you do: stay vigilant and endure it.

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Founder of Lichtbild & Head of his own strange world / Vintage Enthusiast / Photographer / Graphic Designer /Typography "lover" / Book Collector / Spanish+German Mix / Lives in Coruña / Sometimes heads back home & Sleeps. /*

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