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Portrait photography

To shoot stunning portraits is what we love. The subject may be our friend, family member, a client, or a model. A good portrait tells us something, creates some mystery or brings out some memories. Good portraits also reveal the true personality of someone (just kidding). 1. […]

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Before photoshop

Before there was Photoshop

Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop With images and graphics being created, edited and retouched time and time again via Photoshop, do you even have an idea how tedious this way  is? I have spent these days in the darkroom in order to take advantage of it as they […]

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Simple photo shooting

Plan a simple Photo Shoot Most of the photos I shoot are taken with very simple photographic tools and mostly with non profesional people. If you carefully look at the photos, you can probably tell what the light source is from the shadows that fall […]

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Photographic Textures

Photographic Textures

Texture photography forces us to look at the world in a different way. To pay attention to details. It makes the most common object of everyday beautiful and the boring interesting. Discovering Texture Photography It’s a while I didn’t do something with macro lenses because they allow us […]

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